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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Snowman Repairwork

I love Sundays.  Let me say that again with more feeling, I LOVE Sundays!  What is it about Sunday? Sleeping a little later?  Moving a little slower?  Only doing what you REALLY want to do?

Taking the time to prepare the breakfast you really want...

Two eggs with left-over Italian bread toast gently smeared with butter for dipping.  I have the protein I think I need to begin the task I have chosen for the day.

Several years ago (five at least) I bought a 5'6" snowman that was retailing for $400.  No, I did not pay that price.  I waited until after Christmas and paid a portion of the original price.  

The Snowman is a little bit big, a little bit awkward, but has become a vital part of our holiday decorating.  Unfortunately, because I love him so much and because he is a bit of a challenge to lug around and store, he ends up exposed to the winter elements of the North East for a little bit longer than he should be - about 2 months total to be honest.

He has suffered some damage at the hands of the elements, but in addition, he fell over while being stored in a portable shelter style garage during Hurricane Sandy.  He suffered a broken nose and some serious chipping.

I purchase some paint and a clear UV spray protector and decide I need more protein for lunch before tackling my big repair job.

Chicken, celery, onion and mayonnaise topped with Craisins over a bed of lettuce on toasted double protein bread.  Should be solid energy.

I am not especially crafty, but am willing to do what I think needs to be done.  For the Snowman!

I brush away loose bits of material and dirt before I begin.  I decide to start at the top using the black first.  I touch up the hat and buttons.  

Next is the green in the holly on the hat, the wreath and some holly at the base.  The color is not exact so I end up covering all green.

New blue for the eyes, the orange of the carrot nose and finally the red of the scarf and mittens.  I bought Brilliant Red, but Snowman seems to have originally been something in the cranberry/maroon family.  I have to make sure to really cover the red well and in fact, it needs two coats.

I thought that would be enough.  However, I realize just how dirty and dingy the white looks, the silver and gold of the present he holds are chipped.  

The Snowman has to wait to be completed the next day after purchasing more paint.  Here are the current results...

Not bad.  Not bad.  

He still has to be sprayed and this year he will stand in a place of honor... on the covered front porch.

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  1. I always thought he was a handsome rascal but his makeover really made him look FABULOUS!