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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Sort of Like Alice in Wonderland... the Office Holiday Party

The Office Holiday Party.

Immediate thoughts may be concerns regarding drunken foolish behavior or boring small talk.  For the last almost 5 years I have been celebrating the holiday season with a vast array of multi-cultural co-workers at Mt. Fuji in Hillburn, New York.

After driving up the side of a mountain, guests are directed to the lower level dining room which features walls of windows overlooking the surrounding area.  The dining room is aptly named, "The Views."

Some of the unique aspects of our holiday party include the same D.J. for years.  He really knows people by name.  Good or bad - discuss.

The venue is quite Asian in decor and theme.  However, we seem to fight against what would seem natural by having a decidedly American menu.  Appetizers/hors d'oeuvres include California and Avocado Rolls, cheese and crackers, assorted vegetables with dip, spring rolls but also "pigs in a blanket," fried ravioli, mini quiches, and my favorite this year, stuffed clams topped with BACON.

Bacon is a word that simply must be exclaimed with excitement and passion.  It screams out in capital letters and demands attention.

The company generously offers beer, wine and soda or juice.  The wines I like are generally not included in this kind of setting (Moscatto or Reisling) and I am not a snob by any means, but simply don't like most wine.  I have had Plum Wine and a coworker and I talk this fact over before she checks to see if it is among the offered selections.  It is!

With about a 50 mile ride home, we each decide it may be best to simply split the glass and so she pours half into my coffee cup.  I am reminded of Alice in Wonderland for some reason and want to tie a "Drink Me" tag to the handle.

It also feels sort of closet-like behavior to drink alcohol from a cup but most of this celebration seems slightly off kilter.

The DJ randomly calls tables by number to the buffet.  Our choices include penne a la vodka, shredded beef,  chicken Marsala, roasted potatoes, salmon Teriyaki, cold sesame noodles, tomato and mozzarella salad.  Asian themed selections? Curiouser and curiouser.

The dessert buffet is set up.  Cakes - red velvet, chocolate, cheesecake, carrot...tarts of fruits and nuts.

The small sweet treats don't really need a tag to instruct, "Eat me," but one can still feel the presence of Lewis Carroll somehow...

Another year, another holiday party, but still managing to feel quite Fed Well when talking it over with some wonderful coworkers.

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