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Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Classics are Always in Style

Lunch with all four of us home becomes a bit more like a family dinner.  We all eat together and some foods are simply crowd pleasers.

Today, bacon is on the menu.  I decide to bake it.  Yes, bake it.   We were forced into this cooking method 2 years ago on a family beach vacation because the kitchen in our rental house did not provide proper pans to use the stove top.  

Sea Isle City, NJ

It was a great vacationThe four of us, my mother, his mother and the family dog as well as a few days with my sister and her sons.  The weather wasn't perfect, but we still had good food and fun.

The strips still require turning and once they are removed from the pan I drain the bacon fat into a glass measuring cup (it is later strained and reserved - I may use it to cook venison in) then the strips are placed on paper towels to drain.

The flavor doesn't change, the kitchen still smells like bacon, the crispness is still there, but the clean up is significantly easier.

Fresh lettuce leaves are rinsed, torn and placed on a plate.

Tomatoes are a bit of a challenge.  It is the dead of winter but the grocery store does carry hydroponic and other varieties.  The real issue?  I don't have any on hand but am not willing to change from BLT's to BL's so I slice our grape tomatoes in half and hope for the best.


White bread toast.  Sort of the black turtleneck equivalent of the dish - always classic.  Each component can be swapped out for a more modern or healthier ingredient of course, but for this family lunch we stick to the basics.  A bit like laying around in our old sweatpants.  I am enjoying my memories of the beach as I look out the window at the newly fallen snow.

 (This view is not right outside the window, but not far from home.)

We are a family and this classic comfort lunch, with little fuss but well prepared individual ingredients, leaves us feeling Fed Well.

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