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Thursday, January 10, 2013

1 + 1 = Happy Breakfast

One pancake and one sausage patty.  The cook in our employee cafeteria laughs almost every time I order this breakfast.  My serving size seems smaller than the average at work.  The typical pancake sale is double the size.

For years, I was someone who skipped breakfast, then I went to carbs only like a buttered hard roll or a bagel, next I moved on to a healthy breakfast of oatmeal and now with an employee cafeteria, I splurge all over the place with eggs, pancakes, and I've even tried the raisin bread french toast.  Spoiled.

Part of the mulit-cultural environment in which I work includes unusual smells in our office area in the morning.  Some eat soup.  Some eat dinner in the morning.  And others may not enjoy the smell of eggs in the workplace.  We make it work.  We are tolerant and I am seriously considering jumping over to try the non-breakfast food items in the morning just to switch things up.  Mixing it up and trying new things contribute to me feeling Fed Well.

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