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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Scene from a Mexican Restaurant

Lunch with lady friends from work at the Mexican restaurant.  I have photographed and blogged about our meals and since we are creatures of culinary habit, we do not veer away from what we know so instead, I will share a bit about the experience.

A total of 4 different groups of coworkers were in attendance on this particular day.  We knew we would have to keep any conversations about our place of employment on stealth mode.  However, I also found the booth of 3 men behind me quite entertaining at times.  They must have all either worked together at one time or went to school together and now one had moved away.  He was quite happy when the other two arrived and for a few minutes they were quite enthusiastic...

"It's so good to see you."

"I'm so glad you could get away and make time for us."

"It's been forever, hasn't it?"

We are celebrating one of my friend's birthday while one of the tables are honoring a pregnant coworkers final days before birth.  Every table has a story.

Looking around the restaurant, every wall and mural also likely tells a story.  For some reason I think of the Billy Joel song, "Scenes from an Italian Restaurant."


The stories that make up a life and how our lives intertwine... all over a simple plate of Mexican food.  

"I'll meet you anytime you our Italian (Mexican) Restaurant...."

The shrimp tacos and guacamole were delicious.  It was the hour with friends that left me feeling Fed Well.

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