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Friday, January 11, 2013

Bad Girl Breakfast

A squishy hard roll, a scrambled egg and bacon.  A moment of silence please to honor this most perfect, yet highly unhealthy or at least lacking in nutrition breakfast.

Because I order it so rarely, I have affectionately named this treat, "The Bad Girl Breakfast," when talking with one of my co-workers and she knows exactly what I have ordered.

I have been cutting out the sweets and am on the treadmill faithfully every other day and continue to increase speed (don't tell anyone I was jogging the other night when no one was home) and adjusting the incline for bursts of extra work.

Honestly, I believe in moderation.  I do prefer fresh and raw produce.  Am I saying all of this for me benefit or yours?  Doesn't matter, mostly I'm feeling as if I am Fed Well.

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