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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Chatting over Chinese Food

Sometimes, coworkers simply have to talk it over.  Whether it is the after math of a recent layoff or the smallest of injustices and unfairness in the work place, we talk it out, talk it over and decide if it needs further attention or can simply be vented about then set aside.

One of our favorite places to chat is the Chinese restaurant down the street.  Who doesn't love to start with a light and flaky scallion pancake?

And of course, a cold winter day requires soup.

Traditional Won Ton,


or Hot and Sour.

My coworkers are so accustomed to letting me photograph their food, they now help position their dishes and offer the food's "best side."

Of course I had the shrimp with rice noodles.  Remember being young and loving a song or movie and listening or watching it over and over until the entire rest of your family thought they may be ill if they have to hear it ONE MORE TIME?  Well, sometimes I am that way about food.  I love this meal from THIS particular Chinese restaurant.

My cube neighbor orders the General's Tofu.  She loves it.  Next time, I am going to ask to try a piece of that tofu.  I think we're close enough now that she would allow it.

Another friend orders the shrimp with vegetables in brown sauce.  She is convinced this is all a ploy for me to take photos of everybody's chest and post them on line.  Luckily, we all know this is a pretty good joke.

Finally, an order of the General's Chicken.

We didn't solve any of the company's problems while we ate our lunch, but we certainly felt better for having vented together.  Solidarity!  Well, or at least sharing an hour or so over a meal and feeling Fed Well brings us together.


  1. Everything looks lovely. What restaurant was this? I assume it is somewhere in the Hudson Valley.

    Yes, Jade Bistro in Suffern.