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Monday, January 21, 2013

Close, but...

Tacos in a bag have become part of our dinner menu rotation.  While they are not as frequently served as say, chicken, they are certainly not unexpected.

Thing is, sometimes I "cook by feel" or think I have all of the ingredients to make a dish and even when I prepare a meal immediately post grocery shopping, it is quite possible I have forgotten something and have to make a substitution.

The Mr. and I went grocery shopping and yes, I had a list as well as a few mental notes.  I would need cheese, lettuce, tomato, and sour cream.  I already had meat at home and salsa.  Suddenly, I remembered, I need the chips.  I usually buy a large cardboard box of mixed chips marketed to families with school aged children so they may include a bag with their lunch.  I spot a bag of mixed chips, same company, with the same images of chips on the outside.  I toss it in the cart and I am done.

At home, I prepare all of the ingredients, set the table and open the bag of mixed chips.  I discover the bag was cheaper because of course it contains less individual size bags of chips and so, there are only 4 of the desired nacho cheese flavor and 2 of the cool ranch.  Simply not enough.  Luckily I had also purchased multi-grain scoops for football snacking but they could be crumbled into a plate and topped with the taco ingredients.  Whew.  Close call.

What is is about the way food looks to me that enhances the feeling of being Fed Well?

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