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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Diner Lunch from Zippo to Vampires

The end of the work week finally arrives and a group of 4 decide to have lunch at the diner.  The four of us are an eclectic blend and the conversation bucks and throws like an unbroken, wild horse.  But, that is part of what I love about it.

We begin with one person's professed love of lighters, the fact my younger son loves a Zippo lighter, the shared agreement that the Zippo does offer something more to the senses - the feel, the sound and smell are all quite distinct in comparison to an ordinary and disposable Bic.  Who talks about this?  Us.

Then, the sharing of an unusual fantasy involving the use of stun guns on unreasonable bosses and coworkers which morphs into a confession of one wanting to use a modified "joy buzzer" on the seats of classmates when they were in school.  Odd?  Or simply odd to discuss?

We are seated in a sunny booth and are able to decide our drink order relatively quickly.  Carbonated dark colas all around.  The food decisions are a little bit slower but they are:

A Veggie burger,

a ham sandwich on toasted rye,

a tuna melt with Swiss and no tomatoes,

and a traditional hamburger deluxe platter (mine).

We talk a little bit about Lance Armstrong and his confession.  Why?  Why now?  It is not about not believing he sued performance enhancing drugs and the like, but what benefit will he reap by "coming clean" this many years later?  What damage is he trying to recover?  What is the motivation?

The next leap is to the film career of Nicholas Cage and a movie I have not see, "Vampires Kiss" from the late 1980's and now of course I will obsess until I watch it myself.

Feeling Fed Well, we return to the office and the day quickly ends.  I always enjoy our unique lunches and am already looking forward to the next.

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