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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Feeding Myself Well

Yes, I am quite lucky and know it.  I probably spend 90% of my meals with other people - my immediate family, my extended family, friends and co-workers (they are my friends as well or I would not eat meals with them).  

Growing up, I loved nothing more than to eat quietly in "my" seat at the dining room table with something to read.  Elementary school meant series fiction, middle school was a combination of Judy Blume, dime store romances and tabloid magazines, high school meant a touch of magazines with headlines including the word sex; "How to Look Sexier," or "Sexy Hair for Every Season."  As an adult at my own kitchen table, I have read textbooks, "What to Expect When You're Expecting," biographies, self-help, owners manuals, cookbooks and newspapers.  Piles and piles of newspapers.

A few months ago I was given three average sized paperback fiction books and have only finished one and am more than 1/2 way through a second.  My reading pace is slower and if I have the opportunity to eat with others I will not pull out a book.  Also, I cannot read in bed as many do because I require a bit more light now to see clearly (don't worry, I don't really think I'm old).

So, on a busy weekend I prepared myself a bowl of soup that my family considers baby food.  I have decided to not give up foods I like based on the opinion of the majority, but I will indulge myself from time to time.  Butternut squash soup from scratch is a bit of work and effort for just one person and since a prepared version is available, I decide to give it a taste test while I read.

A big problem with a bowl of creamy soup is the lack of texture and again, I could toast some bread and make my own croutons or simply dip toast sticks.  Prepared croutons are a bit high in sodium, but they are also convenient.

The finished product -

The soup was wonderful.  I would buy it again.  The book, well, I put a larger dent in it and I'm looking forward to having questions answered about the plot.  I enjoyed myself so much, I bellied up to the table again later in the afternoon with my book and some customized trail mix.

I bought one package of trail mix then added some dehydrated banana chips, yogurt covered almonds and Craisins.  The pages turned easily and the snacking was satisfying.  Responsible for me and Fed Well.

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