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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Girlfriends Don't Kiss and Tell

Every so often, 4 women get together.  Women who have known each other since elementary school, but pull away and then meet up.  Life floats us along and we can't always give each other undivided attention and talk for hours on the phone the way young girls can while in school.  Women who have had to face personal hurdles, have known the joys and sorrows of life and gather every so often to talk some it over.

This time only 3 of us can make it and though we miss our one friend, we proceed.  I have been looking forward to this night for days and can almost taste my Cosmopolitan before it arrives.

One order of pork ribs,

one sausage and spinach calzone,

and a Margherita pizza.

Comfortable as an old favorite pair of jeans, we are able order what makes each of us happy, sit and chat for as long as we want.  The restaurant is only a few minutes from my house, the night is young and the meals are hot.  The portions are large enough that we all have plenty to take home.

My pizza would have certainly been enough to feed us all.  I love the thin and crispy crunch, the basil is fresh and fragrant, sweet sauce topped by the proper amount of cheese.  We talk about things I simply cannot repeat because well, we've known each other forever and the trust is worth more than sharing the stories with strangers.  It is enough to say we talk about some of the most intimate details in our lives.  Fears.  Real pain.  Yes, we talk about happy things as well, and our families, the past and our hopes for the future.  It's deep and it's light.  

We text our missing friend and let her know we miss her.

We run into people we know and when asked what we've been up to, no one really reveals a thing.  We smile and the tables are easily turned, "Not much, what's new with you?" or "How are you?"


Friends proclaim themselves as part of your team.  They root for you. They share your triumphs and pull you out of the pits.

Friends make sure you are Fed Well.

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