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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Preparing for 2013 and Home Made Ice Cream

With a mom and a sister, we rotate hosting holiday meals;  I host Thanksgiving, my mom Easter and my sister Christmas.  Other celebrations may be held by the one who simply wants to and this time my Mommy wanted to have a Sunday family dinner with a touch of post Christmas and a splash of pre-New Year.

We begin with a simple plate of cheeses, pepperoni and crackers.  Thing about simple or classic, if the ingredients are delicious that is all that matters.  The Colby and Cheddar were creamy and sharp respectively and a perfect start.

My mother asked for a volunteer to carve the turkey and I admit, I secretly (or maybe it's not really a secret at all) love to carve meat.  It is like a personal challenge to have the slices come out just the right thickness and the same.  Here's how it went this past Sunday -

The trick for me is to remove the breast meat from the turkey itself.  So yummy.

Can you tell this is my mom's stuffing and not mine from Thanksgiving?  Is it the classic or vintage Pyrex?  Doesn't matter.  It is delicious, loaded with sausage and a comfort food I count on.

Mashed potatoes.  Real mashed potatoes.  May seem like no big deal to some, but really, it's carbohydrate heaven.

When the meal is consumed, everyone finds some entertainment as I take my first attempt at home made ice cream with my younger nephew.  I bought him an ice cream maker for Christmas and neither of us has ever used one.  Classic Jenga helps keep us amused as the paddle whirs the ingredients together.

After a time the canister with the mixed dairy products, sugar and vanilla is placed in the freezer where it will never set up in time for us to eat it the same night.  We pull it after a time and scoop out the small bits of solids for everyone to have a tasting.  We all agree it tastes like a luxurious melted milkshake.  My sister will take home the canister for an overnight freeze and I did find out my nephew enjoyed the results.

This year my mother gave all of her grandsons red socks for Christmas and explained it was because she saw Sherlock Holmes wearing them in the movie.  My sister asked the boys/men to wear them to Sunday dinner and of course I took some pictures.  I generally try to keep their faces out of the blog but here's a peek...

And so today is a day for new beginnings, fresh starts, a new will you be Fed Well?

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