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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sunday Night Pork Sliders with Fries

The trick to keeping dinners fresh and new may not be in switching up ingredients as much as serving them a different way.  A Sunday night pork roast was sliced as thin as possible then served with pillowy soft slider rolls.  Notice the cucumbers three ways in the middle of the table?  Raw, in a cucumber salad and jarred sandwich pickles - I simply knew I wanted cucumber with my pork.  The watermelon balls are the result of taking a chance on the supermarket sale on mini-melons.  Have to admit, they exceeded expectation were sweet and the perfect texture.  The small glass bowl is a sour cream garlic sauce which I used on my slider and dipped a cucumber slice or two as well.

As the pork roasted, I prepared traditional fries in a pan with oil.  Sometimes the standards are preferred.   

Crispy, salty potatoes...

The roast pork was well seasoned and roasted without incident.   The worrisome part was knowing my son's girlfriend is not especially fond of pork.  This meal may have converted her and for that, I am enjoying my ability to feed others well.

We talked about childhood meal memories.  What our mothers made, what other mothers made and some unusual pairings we've eaten in other people's homes.  The Mr. has strongly stated his case against stuffed peppers and I will try to avoid stuffed cabbage at all costs.  How lucky are we to pick our foods based on what we like rather than simply what is available.  We are fortunate to be Fed Well.

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