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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sunday Smoothies with Sweet or Savory Breakfast

What to do with the fruit that is turning the corner?  The fruit the husband tried to throw away because he thought it wasn't good?  The fruit that you bought because you wanted it and then forgot about?

The strawberries were on sale and sold in a display next to the yellow sponge cakes.  I had much healthier plans for the juicy red berries, but they sat in the drawer in the refrigerator for just a day or two to long to simply eat them raw.


Smoothies are always the answer.  Well, almost always.

A slice the pretty-darn-ripe banana with the same paring knife I used to halve the berries.

Give the berries a quick rinse and toss in the blender with blueberries and milk.

Everyone blends on low for about 30 seconds then a quick whip on high before evenly distributing into 4 short glasses.

Older son and his girlfriend are making pancakes.  A few with blueberries, some with "chocolate chippies" and I'm not sure if their was one or two with both.

The Mr. and I opt for savory sausage patty on toasted english muffin with scrambled egg.

We plan our day; son will play football with friends for awhile, his girlfriend is heading off to work, hubby and I have a morning errand date which includes a stop at Dunkin' for a french vanilla coffee for me, then son and hubby are off to do some guy shopping before we all plop in front of the t.v. for a bit of football playoffs.

Sundays are for that slower pace, a decreased sense of urgency, more casual and laid back while still feeling Fed Well.

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