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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Vegas Lite

Time for a Mommy and Me afternoon and so we head off for lunch and gaming.  Don't all mother-daughters have these dates?  

Anyway, I packed my hand sanitizer and off we went.  No one should head to the slot machines on an empty stomach so first a stop at the buffet.

I wonder how popular the salad actually is among gamers?

I have to admit, I walked right past this portion...

A taco buffet.  Everything looked pristine and well tended.

I prepared a simple plate.  I don't want to feel full and bloated and honestly, I can't refuse the rice since it is not something I ever make at home.  I especially love the olives.  The sliced london broil served with au jus is quite peppery.

Mommy's plate is more diverse and yes, she has vegetables.  Me, not so much today.

We talk about work, family, our general practitioner, colonoscopy testing, mammograms... all the normal topics between mother and daughter.  Right?

A good afternoon at the machines.  My mother left with a little something and I made a donation, but a fun time was had and our time together has left me feeling Fed Well.

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