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Monday, January 28, 2013

Venison Sausage in Tomato Cream Sauce over Ziti

Winter storms are now being named and Luna is here in the Northeast.  I left work this morning and the roads deteriorated as I drove until less than a mile from home the car in front of me did a complete 180 spin and I carefully tapped my brakes but still slid just enough to the right to avoid the oncoming vehicle.  Behind the vehicle was a school bus full of children being dismissed early.  Heart pounding I maintained a ridiculously slow speed until I reached my driveway which the back end of my car thought would be fun to fishtail past.

Once home, I gave the sidewalks a quick shovel, let the dog run around and then parked myself in front of the computer until I thought it a better use of time to finish reading a book a friend had lent me.

Dinner tonight was crumbled venison sausage with garlic and oregano.  Once the meat was browned and drained, a marinara sauce mixed with about a cup of half and half was added to the pan.  The ziti was cooked and coated lightly with just the marinara.  For a moment, the thought of melted mozzarella was entertained then dropped.  Safe, sound and Fed Well.

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