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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Cafe Maya

If life is like a stream, sometimes flowing gently and smoothly, rushing with force over rocks or in danger of drying up, I am quite happy with the current, slightly musical but calm place mine is right now.  My birthday has arrived and though I may be a bit apprehensive about the new number, overall, everything is fine and I am grateful.  I suggest a family birthday dinner on Sunday though my birthday is Saturday and this confuses my sons.  I thought Sunday would be easier for everyone, no one would be working and so they feel bad when they realize I have no plan for the anniversary of my date of birth.  My older son offers to treat us all to Cafe Maya - Wappingers Falls.

My older son's girlfriend tried to make a reservation for our group of 5 but was told reservations are not accepted on the weekend.  I was a little apprehensive about having to wait for a table, but we were seated outside relatively quickly.

The only thought I have about the decor is my recent concern about silk flowers and plants.  I understand they are used for atmosphere and low maintenance, but I can't warm up about liking them.  In this case they serve as sort of screen from the outside dining area to the parking lot and street in front.

How best to kick off a birthday celebration or any event for that matter at Cafe Maya, a classic Margarita on the rocks with a salted rim of course!

One of the evening's specials included a pineapple guacamole.  Thing is, not everyone is equally adventurous and I have to admit I was hesitant.  I asked if we could have the pineapple on the side and those who wanted to try it would be able to mix it in.

Of course my first taste was of the pure version and after awhile I warmed up to the idea of the pineapple.  I think I am still on the purist side, but it was flavorful and refreshing.

Next up, a glorious version of shrimp cocktail served over a bed of lettuce with some avocado.  The shrimp were sweet and enough to share.

Time for main courses.

I had a shrimp dish that was the special and served with risotto and beans with a bit more guac.  I was in love.

Here are the other orders:

Traditional rice and bean sides

Beef Mexico City Tacos

Texas Ribs

I did sample the ribs.  The meat was pull apart tender and the smoky flavor although present was not overpowering.

Fish Tacos

A Cafe Maya Sampler Platter

We were well taken care of, the food and environment were colorful, the atmosphere a bit lively and honestly we were fine without a Mariachi band!  I can't really tell you about the bill because my older son treated us all.  A sure sign that he was raised to ensure his family and those he loves are Fed Well.

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