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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Everybody Snacks Sometimes - Duck Donuts

I used to have a problem.  Hello, my name is Fed Well and I used to need a cup of Dunkin' Donuts French Vanilla EVERY DAY.  I have since cut back to maybe one or two cups on the weekends only. Thing is, many folks thought that since I had coffee, I was also enjoying donuts or other baked goods.  Truth was,  I wasn't.  Ever. I was however quite addicted to the coffee.

While on vacation we do allow ourselves a bit of room for indulgence and at the recommendations of both a neighbor and friend, I remembered we had to try Duck Donuts while in the Outerbanks, North Carolina. A small chain of 4 locations, I thought it was pretty easy to fit in.

Once inside, the store not only offers donuts made to offer, but a variety of merchandise with Duck Donuts' logo and humor as well.  

Since we are fairly light sweet snackers I only ordered one donut for each of us in the group and an order of 6 may have seemed a surprising, but we enjoyed a fresh, made-to-order and delicious product.

It all begins with dough dropped when the order is placed that deep fries in a golden bath of hot oil.

Employees work in an smoothly coordinated assembly line to frost, top, sprinkle and package the orders relatively quickly.  A plexi-glass wall allows patrons to watch their order as it goes through the process and a low and wide step is in place so the smallest of visitors can enjoy the process as well.

Glazed, chocolate, maple, vanilla, strawberry and some with rainbow sprinkles are our completed order. The donut has a nice density and a bit of a crusty skin which sets it apart from certain chain goods or grocery store pastries.  Six thumbs up from Fed Well vacationers.  I'm running out now for a cup of French Vanilla, need anything?

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