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Friday, September 5, 2014

Return to Wildfire Grill in Montgomery

"Let's get together."

People say it every day, life gets in the way and before you know it weeks or months have passed before you actually live out the promise of getting together.  One or the other person will eventually reach out with a plan.  It may look like this:

"Hey, want to rent paddle boats Saturday at Winding Hills Park?"

Ok. The first step is taken and the rest will fall into place.  We went on a double date with another couple and while we were paddling away in the middle of the lake, we thought about dinner plans and I suggested the Wildfire Grill in Montgomery.

I went not that long ago with the Mr. (click here to read my Hudson Valley Restaurant Week review) and we were happy so I felt comfortable returning with friends.

Funny, I clearly remember the bourbon bacon cocktail I had the last time I visited and was happy to see a specialty drink listed among the evening's blackboard specials.  This time, a Tamarind Margarita and since I had no idea what that could possibly taste like, the waiter was kind enough to bring a small sip to sample.  Sold.

Our waiter seemed familiar and it took a bit of working it out before the Mr. and I realized he once worked with our younger son at one of the steakhouse chains.  Hugs and smiles abound.

Time to start we have a "pizza" with fig spread, goat cheese, arugula and sliced pears.  I know the Mr. was skeptical, but he at least made an effort and tried a piece.  I loved it.  The crust was super thin, the fig spread was just sweet enough and the arugula peppery bite balanced everything out.  Spectacular!

Our second shared appetizer is more traditional (old school) and I cannot resist...fried calamari.  In case you may not know, I have a little addiction - to fried foods! These morsels were crispy, golden, and made my taste buds smile.

Quite a different flavor from the fig pizza!

Looking around at the decor, eclectic is certainly a word that comes to mind..,.

We talk about children and families - our own and our point of view on those of the world.  How much does each generation change? For the better or for worse?  Do people spend more or less time together? Has the overall family dynamic changed vastly due to divorce and blended families? Heavy topics for a double date?

Well, we also spent a few minutes on Bethel Woods; the museum, the concerts and the overall venue. 

Soon, our main courses arrive.  How funny that 3 of the orders are the evening's chicken special: Chicken Oscar.  The dish is chicken topped with lump crab meat and Hollandaise Sauce.  2/3 asked for no sauce.  The spinach was velvety, the mashed potatoes had a hint of garlic and the chicken/crab combo was tender.

I opted for the crabmeat ravioli with toasted garlic bread.  I cleaned my plate with the exception of one ravioli I shared with the Mr. Yes, I soaked up any remaining sauce with the bread and no, I'm not ashamed.  I thoroughly enjoyed my meal.  The pasta was perfectly al dente and the filling had a nice mouth feel - not pureed mush.

Our glasses were kept filled both with water and from the bar.  I enjoyed my Tamarind Margarita and our entire dining experience at the Wildfire Grill.  Double dating is fun, especially with a couple that has known you since the start of married life.  We are lucky and Fed Well.

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