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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Main Line Diner & Pizza Company

Something about a diner...classic, sort-of romantic, timeless, soothing, comforting and you know a diner will likely have a dictionary sized menu offering a wide selection that will guarantee an option for every taste and appetite.  I'd heard about but never been to The Main Line Diner & Pizza Company so I brought the Mr. and our younger son along to test it out.  

Of course I have classic diner favorites:  hot open turkey sandwich with mashed potatoes that are absolutely drowning in neon yellow gravy, Eggs Benedict, grilled cheese (with and without bacon or tomatoes), classic BLT and lately a thick, juicy grilled burger with a fried egg on top!

Main Line offers a variety of burgers and yes, an "Eggilicious Burger."

The decor in the dining room in the back is extremely fun and playful, complete with rail road tracks on the ceiling. 

A mural covers the entire cantilevered ceiling around the perimeter of the room and highlights many of the area's attractions, organizations and recognizable landmarks.

Ah, but what about the food?  We try out some of our favorites...

French Onion Soup

The majority of the time, the Mr. and our younger son will order French Onion soup. They want a deep, rich, brown broth that is fragrant and full bodied to allow enough sweet onions and a healthy sized crouton to all fit in a crock, dripping and oozing with stretchy cheese.  Mission accomplished. This is one food that if you see any remains in the vessel, it means they did not like it, not that they are full.

Chicken & Rice Soup

I tried the chicken & rice soup.  It was quite traditional and surely holds all the ingredients necessary to cure the common cold.  The vegetables were soft without feeling mushy.

Time for the main course:

Shrimp 'Po Boy

Our younger son had never had a Shrimp 'Po Boy before and he was happy with his order.  Can't go wrong with deep fried shrimp.

For the Mr.  (It's NOT chicken)

French Dip

Among the Mr.'s short list of diner favorites, a French Dip sandwich is in the top 5.  He was happy with each component; the roll, the roast beef, chessy goodness, crispy fries, the all important au jus and he even ate the cole slaw.

For me: 
 Eggilicious Burger

First of all, this entire plate was simply perfect. I love a runny-yolk-fried-egg.  Dipping fries in the yellow waterfall makes me smile.  Who doesn't love to have a little fun while eating?  The burger is prepared with a beautiful grilled crust and tender meat on a toasted bun.  I'm still happy just thinking about it.

Though I didn't order a milkshake, I should have because this place seems like it would make a nice, thick and rich shake in any flavor.  This is not a night for counting calories, thank you very much and yes, we were certainly well taken care of by our server and left feeling full and Fed Well.

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