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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Pizza Plus in Pine Bush

Dough, sauce and cheese.  The fewer the ingredients, the more important they are in providing a perfect pizza.  I don't know the secret recipe at Pizza Plus and it may very well include more than 3 delicious ingredients, but what I can share is, I'm glad to have them and so far, fabulous flavors!

A few months ago, my older son and I attended the Pine Bush Chamber of Commerce meeting held in Pizza Plus' restaurant and I was able to sample the following dishes:

Again, seemingly simple foods brought together to create a harmonious bite.  The meats and cheeses were just the right texture and the olives were salty goodness.  A great finger food for networking with local business owners and their representatives.

Fresh salad.  Colorful, bright, and a nice combination of peppery, savory and the sweet burst of grape tomatoes.  Nice.

I also appreciate the attention to detail in setting up a buffet.  Flowers, display signs and an orderly flow all make it seem like an indulgence rather than a simple business meeting.  Extra points for caring.

But really, when all is said and done, the taste of the pizza is really what matters and Pizza Plus handles the scrutiny my son and I give their offering.  The dough was perfect, not charred, but cooked and the sauce is sweet and delicate with cheese that passes the stretchy test.  A nice chew and yes, we went up a second time for more.

Toppings, toppings and more toppings with endless combinations available. 

Daily specials keep things lively.  Note: this photo is now a bit outdated so call ahead  or check their website here and confirm what today's special really is and so you are not let down.

Overall, we loved Pizza Plus and have been back on our own.  We also look forward to future take out.  Welcome to the neighborhood Pizza Plus and thanks for leaving us feeling Fed Well.

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