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Monday, February 9, 2015

Avocado's Mexican-American Restaurant in Cornwall

Our older son is engaged, planning his wedding with his fiancee and at the same time looking for their own home.  Over this past weekend, we were invited to go along with them to an Open House and then meet her Mom and aunt at their proposed wedding venue site.  Very grown up.  Very special.  Very busy.

Typically when I am involved in any kind of field trip I am also planning around meal times, potential restaurant visits and food in general.  I'm not sure how this happened to me.  I only know that I enjoy celebrating with a nice meal and so when we concluded our business at the wedding venue site, I asked about the restaurant across the street and my older son remembered a nearby Mexican-American place, Avocado Restaurant.  Off we went.

Unassuming, not pretentious at all, bright and vibrant.  The photo does not fully display the avocado green paint of the building, but you would certainly appreciate it in person.

We are seated immediately and I simply love the festive colors and decor.  The peacock of restaurants.

The menu seemed endless and reminded me of the variety of dishes you can select from at a diner.  I have never been presented with so many choices at a Mexican restaurant.  If I didn't quickly eliminate dishes from my list of potential orders, I might still be sitting by the fireplace, not ready to order.

Our lovely server asks if we would like a drink and of course a Margarita is in order to maintain the celebratory feel and when ordering Mexican food, it just feels right.  Here is where the lunch really went from great to fabulous, she asked for my ID.  I thought she was joking and smiled, "Are you serious?"  She smiled and nodded.  I was glowing.  When I handed it to her, she took it and checked the date before saying, "Oh.Wow."  What she must not have realized is the two young men at the table who are over the legal drinking age are my sons.  I was flattered and if it were a ploy to increase her gratuity, I fell for it, but it felt quite sincere.

By the way, the Margarita was perfect.  I love a substantial amount of salt on the rim and prefer mine on the rocks rather than frozen.  Yum.

We began with an order of guacamole which was prepared table side and went through a number of baskets of nachos as well as 2 bowls of salsa.

For lunch we had:

Our future daughter-in-law tried a sampler appetizer platter as her entree.  Among the components were award winning avocado fries.  

The Mr. went out of his comfort zone again and ordered the Milanesa de Res.  A tender fried steak with salad and fries - familiar with a Mexican flair.

For me, Enchilladas del Mer.  
Listed on the menu as:
Corn tortillas filled with shrimp, fish and lobster meat, topped with a mild green tomatillo sauce, melted cheese and sour cream.  Served with rice and beans.

The filling was delicious and the portion size generous enough that I took home one tortilla with enough rice and beans to be an excellent lunch.

For my younger son:
Described as:
A seafood casserole of fish, clams, mussels, and shrimp in a creamy tomato chipolte sauce served mild or spicy with a side of rice.

Either he missed asking about the mild option or no one asked, but his order was spicy.  He was able to eat it with an additional order of rice to take the edge off and once our server realized his order was too spicy, she removed one of his orders of beer from the bill.  A lovely gesture, no fault placed, no harm, no foul.  He enjoyed it despite the unexpected heat.

For my older son:
Carne Asada

Nothing more traditional than a perfectly prepared steak served with onions, rice, beans and more guacamole.  He is a happy member of the Clean Plate Club.

The meal was a grand success and yes, I was quite flattered to be asked for proper identification.  I look forward to my son's wedding and his launch into the world with his wife by his side.  My hope for them is that they continue to enjoy each other's company  for a lifetime, sharing meals and always feel Fed Well together.

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  1. I've been wondering about this place. Now I'll have to put it on my list! Thanks for posting this article!