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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

DeStefano's Olde Eerie in Middletown, NY

Once again, I asked the Mr. on a Friday night where he wanted to go for dinner. This time he answered, "I want to go to the restaurant we were going to go to a few weeks ago that had the long wait time because of the show at the Paramount."

In marriage speak, he said he wanted to go to DeStefano's Olde Eerie.

This is simply another example of how people who are married for a long time can finish each other's sentences, stories, and sometimes, even their thoughts.

Our younger son was able to join us and off we went, no reservation and hoping the Paramount wasn't hosting another show.

We were seated immediately and the bar area was crowded.  Our server was friendly and helpful.  I asked if their were any drink specials (since the bar was packed, I thought they must have a cocktail selection) and was brought a cocktail menu.  I decided on the Lemontini.  Sometimes I wait until I know what I am eating and other times I simply stick with my favorite Cosmopolitan.

Next we had a discussion about appetizers.  Our younger son had recently asked if I could make fried ravioli at home and since they were on the menu I thought this would satisfy his craving and so we ordered them to share.

Turned out to be a brilliant idea all the way around.  The sauce was simply amazing and everything I know the Mr. craves in an authentic marinara.  He's right, it is absolutely impossible to find this in a jar though we keep trying.  The ravioli were crispy and finished with a sprinkle of fresh herbs that made the dish feel special.

Main Courses:
Pork Chops

Our younger son ordered these smothered pork chops and I feel bad you cannot really appreciate the thickness of these chops.   They had to have been cut at 2".  Ridiculous.  A huge, generous portion, and he had soup, salad and a side of pasta with this meal.  They should offer rewards to patrons who can eat all the food they are served.

Fried Calamari with Linguine

I was thinking about the calamari as an appetizer, but I am the only one that truly enjoys it out of the 3 of us soooo, why not have it as my main course? IT WAS HUGE. I think I may have had about 25% of the rings and a few twirls of pasta.  A friend recently asked why I am not 700 pounds and what I did not share is I often take food home.  I am fine with left-overs and will eat them just the way they are or sometimes transform them into a completely different dish/meal.

Chicken Marsala

Yes, this is what the Mr. was craving.  Another tremendous size plate (platter) of food that easily could have fed the three of us.  It was also served with a side of pasta smothered in marinara.  The chicken was tender and juicy in a semi-sweet Marsala sauce. Happy Mr.

When we were asked if we wanted our food wrapped, I laughed and said, "Yes, all of it.  The bread, everything!"  

We were given 3 large bags crammed with Styrofoam containers brimming with food.  If you are hungry, make sure you go to DeStefano's Old Eerie.  We were surely Fed Well and stuffed!  No room for dessert and no one even ordered it to go.

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