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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

How often do regulars go to Mountain View?

How often do folks visit a place whether it is a bar, restaurant, or other business, before they turn into regulars?  Depending on your age, you may think of regulars as someone like Norm from Cheers who sat on his corner bar stool every night.  

I remember the owner of the local country gift shop used to have coffee mugs for her regulars lined up on a shelf behind the register. Made it seem so warm and welcoming, even for us non-regulars, when visiting. For them, it is the being a part of something.  For me, it is about a loyalty.  I have chosen to come here repeatedly to spend my hard earned money on what you provide - from atmosphere and service to good food and drink.  Must be why loyalty club cards are so popular. 

Anyway, I am always quite comfortable at Mountain View, it is really nearby and as I've said before, they make the PERFECT COSMOPOLITAN.  I use it as a benchmark for all others.  

So, when recently asked by a friend if we could meet for lunch, and she gave me the choice between 2 places, I quickly chose Mountain View.  

Here's what we had:
The Reuben with Sweet Potato Fries

When watching one's weight or calories or trying to eat healthier or whatever, nothing soothes the soul more than a meal that is just not "diet food."  This looked and smelled absolutely amazing and my friend was happy.

Cobb Salad with Honey Ginger Dressing on the side

I wanted to order something equally bad, but I had gone from yoga class to Dunkin Donuts as it was so I went with the Cobb Salad - it's kind of bad, it has bacon.  

Cobb salad always reminds me of the movie, "Julie & Julia."  The scene begins with Julie Powell telling her husband, "Cobb salad lunch tomorrow. Ugh."  She then meets 3 friends the next day for lunch and each orders their Cobb salad with different requests for removing 1 ingredient.  For example, "Cobb salad no egg," or "Cobb salad no bacon."  Um, maybe order something else? Loved the movie.

So, I was counting myself as a regular based on frequency of visits.  Learning number of times at an establishment may not be all that defines a regular.  My friend knew 3 of the employees and several of the customers - enough for casual conversation.  I knew 1 of the employees relatively well, 1 by face recognition and used to know 1 customer through another friend.  Hmmm.  Seems I'm a "Sort of Regular" or some outer circle or something.  Doesn't matter.  The food was great and since it was lunch I had the unsweetened iced tea.  

My conclusions:  go have lunch with a friend at a nearby place and order the fries. You'll feel Fed Well.

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