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Monday, February 2, 2015

Outback in Middletown

Sometimes a mid-week adventure after work is a welcome break from the gray routine of winter.  My friend asked what I was doing and I thought, you know what, nothing that can't be changed.  She needed to look at new lights for her foyer and I was happy to be out and about.

"Where do you want to eat?"

Neither of us were fully committed to anything in particular and so we went with a nearby Outback Steakhouse.  Advertising slogans really do stick in your head though, don't they?  All I could think of was, "No rules. Just right."  Is still their slogan?  Who knows...

We begin with cocktails.  For me, the Skinny Margarita.  As long as the rim is salted and the margarita is over ice, I am happy.  For my friend, a Huckleberry Hooch in a mason jar.  Pretty.

What shall we have? They have specials and a regular menu.  Some choices are exactly the same as I remember from years back when my younger son worked here, others are new additions I assume to try to stay with the changing times and economy.  

Outback now offers their version of the Prix Fixe meal which includes a soup or salad, select entrees and a dessert.  Let's try it out.

I begin with my favorite soup, the New England Clam Chowder.  I know I like it here and am not disappointed.

My friend begins with an Asian Sesame Salad.  We are content.

Moving on to entrees, I have the 6 oz. sirloin with garlic mashed potatoes.  Though I did take a photo, the plate looks rather plain and quite uninteresting.  It tasted find, just a little boring.

For my friend, The Firecracker Salmon

 She was happy with the flavors and enjoyed the mango.

We can have dessert and though I don't finish mine, it is always satisfying to end the meal with a sweet treat so I opt for the carrot cake.

Outback does a fine job preparing flavorful and family favorite meals that are also friendly on the finances.

We chat about nothing and everything.  I notice the table next to ours seems to include a business meeting for 3 men.  I am noticing this more and more in restaurants.  Perhaps business has always been discussed over meals, but I thought we were moving away from these personal interactions and keeping things a bit more electronic in the modern world.  No rules, just right.

I am Fed Well and we head back out into the frigid air for home.  Lucky to have a friend to just chat with over a simple meal close to home.

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